New Demo Reel... AHOY!!!

2011-06-15 10:44:48 by CaseyTheVA

So, I made a new demo reel... after like, what, five years? Anyway, I figured I'd show it here since I know some people may be interested. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Click here to listen!!!

Feedback is always welcome!


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2011-06-15 12:50:28

You got a really feminine voice! Some even actually sound female! Which is something rare, to be honest =D
I'd work on the deeper and more masculine tones/voices.
Sounds awesome otherwise =)
Should you want to collab a bit, PM me =d

CaseyTheVA responds:

Thanks so much! Yeah, I used to take a lot of crap for having a high voice, but now I'm glad I don't sound like a manly man man =P


2011-06-15 13:00:23

disturbing the amount of diversity you have lol

CaseyTheVA responds:

Isn't it? xD Thanks!!!


2011-06-15 13:21:10

Demo is all about sounding like you can do diverse voices, Luis :P
It's not *that* hard to achieve that effect, in my humble opinion :p

CaseyTheVA responds:

I actually had a person tell me the demo sucks because the voices are too different... go figure!


2011-06-15 14:02:01

I thought you was dead this whole time. How's that for feedback?

CaseyTheVA responds:

Well then. Thank you, Martin.