Like... video games 'n stuff

2011-01-07 14:35:28 by CaseyTheVA

So umm... I was in this crazy awesome video game that won Game of the Year 2010 called Red Dead Redemption, and its DLC pack that won best downloadable content, Undead Nightmare. You guys should totally go check it out, because it's made of love, candy, 1s and 0s, danger and win.

Like... video games 'n stuff


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2011-01-07 14:49:33

*sigh* If only I had a PS3.

CaseyTheVA responds:

It's on the Xbox 360 as well o.o


2011-01-07 17:56:23

I'll only get a Xbox 360 for Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.

CaseyTheVA responds:

Ohh god classics. Yeah... 360 is rather dead these days with their exclusives on the brink of extinction. All my "I HATE SONY LOL" friends are ending up with PS3s. So you're a PC gamer I'm guessing? No Wii? =P


2011-01-11 00:59:08

wow you voiced in thoes games? did you get a million $ for that job? and which character(s) did you voice?

CaseyTheVA responds:

Yep! I was a townsperson in Blackwater/Manzita Post, a bad guy in a mission with a character called "Irish" in Thieves Landing, I also did Foley sounds and death screams for single/multiplayer characters, and the main character's son Jack Marston. And in Undead Nightmare, I was the above, plus survivors and zombies. Fun shtuff! :D


2011-01-29 00:27:12

Oh.. i'll save my money for ps3 and for thi game. XD

CaseyTheVA responds:



2011-02-21 04:06:24

i has this for xbox :D.........must complete undead nightmare ._.

CaseyTheVA responds:

Do iiit! It's an awesome game :D


2011-03-29 06:27:12

Dude, you've got an amazing acting voice. Still going professional?

CaseyTheVA responds:

I try to get as much pro work as I can! I've got a few cool PS3/360 games lined up, but I can't say anything yet ;)


2011-03-29 22:21:08

Ooh my boyfriend is going to flip! He is addicted to both of these games! Can I let him pm you using my account? He would really appreciate it!

CaseyTheVA responds:

Sure! That's totally fine :)